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Location, Land, Footprint & Structure!

Location, Location, Location! Number #1 Rule in Real Estate.

  • Town/City high demand
  • Desirable neighborhood
  • Easy commute to high paying jobs
  • Location features; waterfront communities and other beautiful natural settings
  • Local shopping, hospitals/medical, nightlife and recreation

Land - Unchangeable Asset

  • Acreage and available use of the land; restrictions, wet lands
  • Level useable land and privacy  

Footprint - Can be possibly added on to or changed with renovations

  • Size and layout of kitchen
  • Bedroom sizes and what floor of the home they are located
  • How many bathrooms? If only 1,can another be added?
  • Open concept? If not can walls be opened up?
  • Can square footage be added if needed?  If septic, can another bedroom be added?

Structure - "House has good bones"

  • How old is the house? What is the "effective age"?
    The effective age is determined by a few factors:
    • Age of roof, windows & siding
    • Age of mechanicals; furnace, AC, well, septic
    • Updated kitchen & baths
    • Overall condition of the home

Keep in mind that location and land are unchangeable! You can make a house into a beautiful home with some cosmetic fixes. 

  • removing wallpaper
  • painting 
  • removing old carpets and replacing with flooring of choice
  • refinishing hardwood
  • updating bathrooms
  • updating kitchen (especially if a nice layout)
  • landscaping 

These are all items you can do over time and add future equity to your home. You can save money on purchase if you are handy, creative and don't mind rolling up your sleeves you can put some "sweat equity" into your home.  

The buyer's guide link below is full of excellent information I truly believe will be very helpful to you.

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Before & After's


Many of my buyers purchased homes that needed their personal touch.  Enjoy watching this short video of Before & After's.



Steps to Home Ownership

Steps to Home Ownership with "Me" as Your Realtor

1.Pre approval

  • this is required to put a offer in on a home you love.
  • gives us a better understanding of your budget 
  • if buying with Cash you need a proof of funds letter from your bank or snapshot of your bank statement
2. See houses
  • I setup showings for homes that meet your criteria and spark your interest.
  • I find out as much as possible on every house you are considering. 
3. Put in an offer -
  • we talk about what price and terms
    • inspections
    • appraisal
    • if you need to sell your current home
    • closing date
    • offer price
    • amount of deposit

  • I can have you sign in person or digitally
  • you look over any property disclosures and available information as well 
4. If offer is accepted
  • we setup inspections (your cost)
  • ask to negotiate items needing repairs or replacement according to the terms of your offer 
  • If home is “As Is” Health & Safety could be addressed if issues 
  • then appraisal is done (your cost).
  • If all set, your financial information is submitted to underwriting and you supply bank statements and paystubs throughout process.
  • you are told not to open any new credit or incur more debt until you close. 
5. On Your Way
  • you will get a commitment letter from your lender
  • than a Clear to Close and usually 72 hours later Close on your new home.
  • usually the day of Close we do a “walk through” to make sure everything is good. 
  • once wire funds are received by sellers attorney, you can officially have the key to your new home!


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